Who's Joining Smoothping?

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Smoothping?

Smoothping is a service that creates a faster way to play multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft, Aion and Rift by reducing your ping time (the amount of time it takes for the information sent from your computer to reach the gaming server, and vice-versa). In most cases, Smoothping can lower your latency or in-game ping by as much as 50-70%.

Don't confuse increasing your Internet speed for lowering your latency. These improve the quality and speed of your transmission, true enough, but even with ADSL, FiOS or other high speed Internet service, Smoothping can still reduce your latency further.

Unfortunately, there will be times when Smoothping cannot lower your ping, especially if your connection is very poor or your ISP path to your current Smoothping Server is just too busy.

The easiest way to test this it to sign up and try our service free of charge. In a few minutes you will be in-game and experiencing your better connection! Our free trial will disconnect you every 20 minutes, but this should give you more than enough time in-game to determine if Smoothping meets your needs.

How does this work?

When you launch the Smoothping client, it creates a secure shell connection (SSH tunnel), streamlining the packet handling (the data that is sent) by forcing it out immediately instead of bundling each packet with additional data packets. By not having to wait for additional information, it cuts down the latency (ping) considerably based upon your geographical location to the server.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes. The Smoothping service is free to try. You just need to sign up for an account, validate your email address, follow our instructions and you can begin playing right away! Your trial account will allow you to see the improvements you get when you use Smoothping.

NOTE: You will be disconnected from your game every 20 minutes with a trial account.

How much does it cost?

A full Smoothping account costs $7.49 USD per month, or $19.49 USD for 3 months. This will enable you to use Smoothping without being disconnected for as long as you wish to remain in the game!

What games do you support?

Smoothping supports World of Warcraft, Aion, Rift, Tera, Star Wars, Dragon Nest, Tibia, Vindictus, Darkfall, APB Reloaded, and Eve online. We also offer limited support for a host of other games; however, you will need a resident proxy configuration such as ProxyCap and telnet access through PuTTY.

Step-by-step instructions on setting this up, download links for ProxyCap and PuTTY, as well as a listing of the games we offer limited support for, can be found under our Connecting to Other Games page.

Is this safe to use?

As safe as you can get! After all, we play the game too! In fact, we like playing, not configuring software, so we have created Smoothping Elite to be as easy to use as possible. Smoothping Elite is 100% safe to use and has no viruses, keyloggers, spyware or annoying adware!

What programs do I need?

We understand that you may be skeptical of downloading our software, so we also give you the option to use two freeware programs that we did not make, PuTTY and FreeCap.

Smoothping is not the author of these programs and they are easily downloadable from their respective sites if you prefer this.

Alternately, we have created an all-in-one package that has everything you need.

Download Smoothping Bundle (contains PuTTY and FreeCap - 924.7KB)

The latest listing of our servers can also be found here:

Download Latest Server Listing (71.6KB)

Where do I download this?

You can download Smoothping Elite directly by clicking the link below:

Download Smoothping Elite (4.6 MB)

You can also go to our Setup Instructions page by clicking on the "SETUP" link at the top of every page. This will give you the download link, offer you step-by-step instructions for getting you into the game as fast as possible, explain the various sections and provide basic troubleshooting information.

Does this work with the Mac?

Yes; however, the Smoothping Elite client software will not run in a Mac environment. In order to use the service, you would need to connect through a third-party software package such as Leaping Bytes Software's "WoW2Go" (World of Warcraft only) or Initex Software's "Proxifier", both of which have their own subscription prices which are not included in your Smoothping service. You can find setup instructions when you visit http://www.smoothping.com/mac.

Which Smoothping server should I choose?

The best Smoothping server for you depends on where your actual game server is physically located.

For WoW players connecting through the Smoothping Elite client, you will be given a listing of recommended locations based upon your realm selection; however, other games will require you to choose your own location manually, and even WoW players may wish to choose a different server for other reasons. For those not using the Smoothping Elite client and connecting through PuTTY, you will need to know your best server to connect through.

For US Players

In the US, Blizzard currently has 4 data centers located in Los Angles, Chicago, Phoenix and New York.

Just because your WoW Server is set to a certain time does not mean it is located in that time zone's data center. For example, you might be playing on an PST server that is physically located in New York.

USA WoW data center locations

Once you have identified in which data center your WoW server is located, you should first try to pick a Smoothping server that is as physically close as possible and give that a try. You can also try using our PING TEST. This will Ping every server and give you the ping time from your location to the Smoothping servers. Normally the lower the Ping time the better, although that may not always be the case. These are ping results from your computer to our server , there is still travel time to the actual game server. Sometimes the faster you enter the Smoothping Server network, the sooner we have a chance to help improve your gaming experience.

For International players, your best option might be where your traffic first enters the USA. For example, if you are from Australia and play on a WoW Server located in Chicago, you might find you have better in-game latency connecting to a Smoothping Los Angeles server, rather than our Chicago servers.

If you are from Brazil and play on a WoW Server located in Chicago, you might find you have better in-game ping when connected to a Smoothping New York server, rather than our Chicago servers.

Feel free to try any and all servers and find out which works best for you! Our server placement is all about choices for you.

For EU Players

For EU users, the Blizzard servers are located in Frankfurt, Paris and Stockholm.

EU WoW data center locations

All of these servers are relatively close to each other and we have provided Frankfurt, London and Paris servers as choices for you to find the overall best in-game result for your gaming times.

For Other Games

To use Smoothping Elite with the following games, choose a Smoothping server that is closest to the game servers location, then follow additional instructions.

Aion NA and EU - Dallas and Frankfurt
Rift NA and EU - Dallas and Amsterdam
Star Wars (East) - New York
Star Wars (West) - Los Angeles
Tera - Chicago
Tibia - Dallas
Vindictus - Los Angeles
Eve online - London
Darkfall - Chicago
Dragon Nest (NA) - Los Angeles
Dragon Nest (Sea) - Asia

After you have selected your server, simply launch your game client as you normally would.

Can I use one account to play on several computers?

Your Smoothping account is completely portable. You can set this up on any of your computers - desktop, laptop, office computer, etc. However, the Smoothping service allows only one connection per user at a time. You may, of course, make other accounts if, for example, you play more than one character at the same time through a multi-box setup.

Isn't this against the Terms of Use?

The Smoothping service is nothing more than a "Smart" server, essentially just making your connection from your computer to the game servers as fast as possible. No in-game data is modified and there is no "cheating" involved. There are tens of thousands of people worldwide playing online multiplayer games via SSH Tunneling and the number of players doing this is growing every day. But don't just take our word for it, read for yourself what Blizzard had to say about Smoothping.

Bad Connection?

For most overseas players, it's common to see Ping times of 400ms or more. Some players in far away places are even dealing with Ping times of more than 1000ms!. By using the Smoothping service, most people see their latency times lowered by 50-70%. So if you normally play with 600ms, you might see as low as 210-230ms!

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PVP Player?

Having the absolute lowest ping possible is critical in PvP. If you have 300ms and you are facing off against someone with 50ms, you are at a HUGE disadvantage. When your opponent does something, it will take around 300ms for you to even see it. When you respond, it takes around 300ms for it to get back to the WoW server. That's more than half a second disadvantage compared to your opponent.

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Hardcore Raider?

If you are a serious raider, having the lowest Ping and the most stable connection possible is essential. It's no secret that having a lower ping will increase your DPS. Even going from 200ms down to 85ms will make a difference as your rotations become tighter and more accurate. Heals will fire a fraction quicker! But most importantly, no more disconnects during laggy boss fights.

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