Who's Joining Smoothping?

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Aion Setup Methods

There are a few ways to connect Aion to Smoothping. We will show you all the ways that we know. If you know another way, please email us at admin@smoothping.com

ProxyCap with PuTTY

ProxyCap and PuTTY are very easy to setup. First, download our preconfigured setup zip folder.

Click Here to Download: Smoothping.ProxyCap.Aion.zip


Once you have downloaded and unziped the folder, open up the correct installer for your OS type. "pcap322_x86.msi" for 32 bit os's, and "pcap322_x64.msi" for 64 bit os's. Please note, we do not make ProxyCap. We only provide the service for lowering your ping. ProxyCap is a 30 day trial. You can visit http://proxycap.com/ for more information. Your subscription to Smoothping DOES NOT include ProxyCap. You will have to purchase it separately.

Once you have installed ProxyCap and restarted your computer, open the program. Click the "Ruleset" item in the tree, and click "Load". Load "smoothping.aion.prs" that came in your zip download. Once you have done that, your "Rules" in proxycap should look like the screenshot below.


We have worked with Proxy Labs, and you can get 20% off ProxyCap using the link: http://www.proxycap.com/smoothping

ProxyCap Rues


Open PuTTY and you will see a list of all of the Smoothping servers. Select the Server that you wish to connect to and Click Load. Note: If the Smoothping Servers list does not show for you, you may need to click the "Sessions from File" checkbox and you should then see all the Smoothping Servers. PuTTY Server

Pick your server from the list of servers (as Smoothping grows the list increases, so you will have more servers in your list than this screenshot) and then click okay

Enter your Smoothping login and password. The very first time you connect to each Smoothping Server, PuTTY will present a security warning (picture below) asking if you are sure you wish to connect to this server. Just select YES. Now you will be connected to the server that you selected and you should see our welcome message. You can minimize PuTTY now, and it will go to the System Tray. PuTTY Alert

Security warning that opens the first time connected. Don't be alarmed, all Smoothping server are 100% secure.

PuTTY Login

Login to PuTTY. As you can see no password appears visually for security (although it is actually being entered - this often confuses first-time users of PuTTY). Hit ENTER on your keyboard, and PuTTY will login.

PuTTY Connected


Now just open up Aion, and you should be connected using Smoothping!


To see your current ping in Aion, just type /ping

Try giving a few of our servers from around the US to see what one give you the best ping.


Your ping has not changed or you are unsure if you have configured everything correctly.

There is a very easy way to test that the Smoothping service is working properly.

Firstly, connect to Smoothping via PuTTY by entering your Smoothping login and password. Next, launch, and log in to Aion Now, right click on the PuTTY Icon in your System Tray, and select EXIT. Say YES, you are sure you wish to quit PuTTY. You should now be disconnected from Aion. This confirms you have correctly set up the Smoothping Service.

Bad Connection?

For most overseas players, it's common to see Ping times of 400ms or more. Some players in far away places are even dealing with Ping times of more than 1000ms!. By using the Smoothping service, most people see their latency times lowered by 50-70%. So if you normally play with 600ms, you might see as low as 210-230ms!

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PVP Player?

Having the absolute lowest ping possible is critical in PvP. If you have 300ms and you are facing off against someone with 50ms, you are at a HUGE disadvantage. When your opponent does something, it will take around 300ms for you to even see it. When you respond, it takes around 300ms for it to get back to the WoW server. That's more than half a second disadvantage compared to your opponent.

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Hardcore Raider?

If you are a serious raider, having the lowest Ping and the most stable connection possible is essential. It's no secret that having a lower ping will increase your DPS. Even going from 200ms down to 85ms will make a difference as your rotations become tighter and more accurate. Heals will fire a fraction quicker! But most importantly, no more disconnects during laggy boss fights.

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