ATTENTION World of Warcraft Players! By using Smoothping, you will:

- Instantly Lower Your Ping by 50-70%
- Stop Lagging in Towns/Raids
- Improve Your PvP Rating
- No More Disconnects!

  • Example from Australia



  • Example from Australia



  • Example from USA



  • Example from USA



  • Example from Iraq



  • Example from Iraq



Total gamers using Smoothping: 221703

Who's Joining Smoothping?

Potato in Canada (18 minutes ago)Mohamedmohy in Egypt (23 minutes ago)Mohamedmohy in Egypt (26 minutes ago)Andrzej in Poland (3hrs 4 mins ago)Archdregs in Indonesia (3hrs 7 mins ago)Mehmet in Iran (3hrs 59 mins ago)Uxofijvozru in Yugoslavia (4hrs 57 mins ago)Ipabicieto in Georgia (5hrs 14 mins ago)Brian in United States (5hrs 56 mins ago)Jean in Brazil (6hrs 3 mins ago)

Ping Lowering, Reinvented.

Smoothping Elite

Smoothping Elite is your ping and lag lowering software. It takes all of the guesswork out, picks the best server for you, and lets you spend time playing, not configuring software!

Sign Up today, Download Smoothping Elite and get in the game!

*Note Smoothping Elite is PC-only and supports World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Aion, Rift, Dragon Nest, Tibia, Vindictus and other games. Please consult our FAQ for information on support for the Mac and other games.

Skeptical? Don't Be!

We know some people will be skeptical about using Smoothping. Let us assure you, Smoothping is:

  • Safe to use. So safe, 167 people are using it right now!
  • Reliable. All of our servers are dedicated to the Smoothping service.
  • Fast. We don't overload our servers, so you always get the best possible speed.
  • Private. We don't share any of your information ever!

What do Smoothping gamers have to say?

Hell yeah, works like a charm, getting a 180ms ping using the losangeles server

- subbie

Sub 200ms most of the time massive improvement for me is Oz

- roijun

Noticeable increase in my DPS on last night's raid. Went from around 220ms ping to about 90ms. Thanks guys.

- hothunt

I get between 180 and 190ms on average. Best I have seen was 167ms. This is awesome for a connection from Australia !

- madmonk

I'm also in Australia using the LA sever and am finding it WICKED!!! I used to have 400-500ms and now averaging 187. Keep up the good work smoothping!

- snaken

Yeah this is awesome I just got smoothping on the weekend and my ping went from 400 to 180

- andrana

Yup, I went from ~200ms to ~100 ms which is a HUGE improvement. I probably didn't need it too bad but hey, every millisecond counts! Great job on this guys.

- steezey

Bad Connection?

For most overseas players, it's common to see Ping times of 400ms or more. Some players in far away places are even dealing with Ping times of more than 1000ms!. By using the Smoothping service, most people see their latency times lowered by 50-70%. So if you normally play with 600ms, you might see as low as 210-230ms!

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PVP Player?

Having the absolute lowest ping possible is critical in PvP. If you have 300ms and you are facing off against someone with 50ms, you are at a HUGE disadvantage. When your opponent does something, it will take around 300ms for you to even see it. When you respond, it takes around 300ms for it to get back to the WoW server. That's more than half a second disadvantage compared to your opponent.

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Hardcore Raider?

If you are a serious raider, having the lowest Ping and the most stable connection possible is essential. It's no secret that having a lower ping will increase your DPS. Even going from 200ms down to 85ms will make a difference as your rotations become tighter and more accurate. Heals will fire a fraction quicker! But most importantly, no more disconnects during laggy boss fights.

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